We offer a developmentally appropriate education program that meets the needs of the "whole child" and encourages the power of play.  Our curriculum provides students with activities in language development, social studies, science, music, art expression, health and physical education, and mathematical concepts.  Our trained and certified teachers are dedicated to providing a positive learning experience, while nurturing self-esteem and social responsibility.  The entire school staff and Board of Directors are committed to offering a safe and stimulating environment for the healthy growth and development of the children enrolled at Washington Nursery School.

All staff members are trained and certified in first aid and infant/child CPR.




"I loved that the classes were taught by accredited teachers and that it didn't feel like a daycare. I cannot wait for my son and youngest daughter to also attend and reap all of the benefits that my oldest did."

- Amy W.

I went to WNS 30 years ago and I'm thrilled to have my children have the same opportunity. The longevity of the school speaks volumes about its commitment to the kids and the community."

- Jess M.

"Our son has attended for 2 years, and he absolutely loves it! The teachers are wonderful with the kids and promote a safe and fun learning environment. We highly recommend WNS to anyone searching for a preschool!"

- Marie R.

Five years ago I moved to Washington, NJ with 3 year old and newborn baby girl. I found WNS flipping through the phone book. I never would have imagined that it would have become such a huge part of my life. It is a wonderful place for children to learn, grow and make new friends. Each child gets the attention they need and deserve to meet their individual goals. The transition from pre-k to kindergarten was easy for my oldest daughter. She was so well prepared by the amazingly dedicated teachers and staff members of WNS. My youngest daughter will be graduating at the end of June. It makes me sad to know this is our last year at WNS. It has been a second home for us. I will cherish all the memories and experiences we have through the years.

- Kristi B.

When my oldest son started at WNS, I had no idea what to expect from a preschool. What I found were outstanding teachers that instilled a love of learning in both of my boys! I am grateful that they had such an amazing preschool experience.

- Tiffany F.

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